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Artist for Hire; Contract services.

I have experience in a wide range of mediums. I am available to do demonstrations for groups, retreats, corporate events, libraries, and private parties. Hourly rates are available, email for contract inquiry.

Private Parties, Company Events, Promotions, Retreats, Seminars​

Book a henna artist for your event today!​

Individually priced henna tattoos range from $10 to $50; Email "Henna Please" to  for a private local appointment.

Artist Vendor;

Special Events; Parties

I participate in many local events and fundraisers as a vendor participant. I am also hired by contract at hourly rates to do instruction, demonstrations, application of henna tattoos and hair art. I can also book private parties for both children and adults.

What would you like to provide the guests at your event? Would you like them to participate, learn, or create? Would you like them to simply come and receive a tattoo or hair art design while they are enjoying your event? Would you like to earn free jewelry as a hostess while sharing my work with your friends and family? Are you on the prom entertainment committee and looking for a henna artist to book for your after-party?

Custom requests and consults are welcome. More here...

Library Rate; $55 per hour per artist.

Fundraisers; Henna is done for tips only, 60% of daily tips for free henna tattoos goes directly to your charity, organization, or cause.

Library Programs; 


I am willing to customize the contract to suit your needs. Parties can be for children or for adults, family celebrations, reunions, graduation parties, showers, any special celebration is a good place for henna. The design lasts from two to four weeks, which is a lasting reminder of your special event.

Rates for private parties vary by contract. Inquire to discuss your event.

Birthday Parties; Celebrations

Adults & Children


I have been painting henna at events since 1999, and have had the opportunity to paint for companies such as Zilo Productions, The Michelle Branch Tour, Rose Presents, The Roxy Model Talent Search, and others.

Hourly rates are available for group retreats, office or corporate parties, seminars, special events, expos, as well as private parties for both children and adults.

I paint henna tattoos freehand using a bottle application technique using only 100% natural henna and other ingredients.

Learn More!​

High School and College Rate;

$75 per hour per artist. Two hour, two artist minimum.


After Proms;

School Events

Corporate Promotions; Events, Seminars, Retreats

Corporate Rate; $75 per hour per artist. Two hour, two  artist minimum.



I offer hair beading, hair wrapping, hair extension styles, dreads, dread maintenance, and More...

I have fifteen years of experience with administrative processes under Title 42. I can help you understand the steps in your process, I can help you set and achieve your goals with new strategies toward problem solving. I have an extensive database as well as access to other unique and effective databases.  Very reasonable rates, all trade offers considered.


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