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Preface - Welcome!

I am publishing my current and past projects for several reasons;

First, I want to share what I have learned with regard to legal documents and creative solution strategies. I have learned what I know under coercive and terrifying circumstances. I believe publishing is the latest and greatest form of ethical & effective advocacy.

Second, I am publishing my current work in order to encourage feedback from other people working on similar or like projects; for informational and entertainment purposes. ​
Third, I am publishing my legal projects because I would like to believe that if this page can be helpful to you in terms of developing a creative solution strategy; then maybe the past twenty years of my life have not been a total waste, maybe our family's pain will not have been for absolutely nothing but for to put money in dirty lawyer's pockets; maybe we will have suffered in order to prevent this from happening to other families.

These documents are redacted examples of how I approached particular problems in these particular situations. Keep in mind that every problem is different. My approach to creative solution strategies in one issue is going to be different for another issue, and so should yours. There is no simple solution. 

Silver bullets are for werewolves; NOT vampires.

These are documents that I have created with the knowledge and information that other advocates have published paired with my own legal research. These documents are samples, taken directly from real cases in and around VAMPIRE COUNTY OF, where I have put them to practical application.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome, questions will be referred to Internet search engines, legal articles written by licensed attorneys, advocates, government agencies or administrative websites, and other authoritative web pages.

I wouldn't wish this learning experience on anyone. (Exception: the BAD LAWYERS who put me here.)
I have no idea what the hell I am doing; and you would be a fool to copy my work. Feel free to copy my legal writings published here to your hearts content.

​                                                                                           ~A.J.

112 Days to Dismissal


Authored by Lisa Lyn Stinocher O'Hanlon

Illustrated by the Rochester City Attorney's Office and the Rochester Police Department Collaborative.

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